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Common sense of exhibitors

Comments on overseas exhibitors

  • July-06

  • author:Bijia

      A common mistake for Chinese exporters is that there is no definite goal - what effect will be received by attending the show. After the show, can not measure the results of the exhibition. The problem is that the exhibitors are difficult to provide potential customers with product information and market information collection. Due to the lack of clear objectives and plans, after the show, these companies lack the follow-up work.

     Here to remind you exhibitors, before the exhibition to be fully prepared, do not quick success. Moving a new product into a particular market requires long-term investment and effort, and it is also important to provide the appropriate product support and service.

       When the enterprises  select the exhibitions, should be combined with the focus of the exhibition plan to consider the nature of the exhibition, visibility, exhibition content and location and other factors. Study of a trade show good and bad, need to consider the factors include: the number of exhibitors, the previous exhibition transactions, and its development trends. In addition, in the choice of trade show, the Chinese exporters should also consider the following factors: exhibitors are exhibiting products in kind, or product pictures, imitation exhibitors; exhibitors on behalf of the industry True level; the number of people who register for admission. A survey of market trends is necessary that allows exhibitors to identify the specific needs of a region for its products and to ensure that exhibits meet the requirements of local buyers.

        For Chinese exporters to participate in professional exhibitions abroad, the advantage is that such exhibition time is usually only three or four days, the number of exhibitors is relatively less; but the ills is to reduce the chance of product exposure, may limit the volume. China's exporters should be based on the characteristics of their products, targeted to participate in some of the more professional industry exhibition. If you are attending a new exhibition, you will see who the sponsor is and what is the appeal in the industry. If the cost of such exhibitions is too high, Chinese manufacturers can hire booths with other enterprises, even so, the effect will be better than to participate in those unknown small exhibition.

        How to attract exhibitors concerned about their products, every Chinese exhibitors need to do something to do. Take a direct letter, visit the door, through the media advertising, on-site publicity, distribution of information and other means, you can invite and attract customers.
        Especially for emerging markets and lack of understanding of the market. One of the important tasks for exhibitors to do is to publish the company's background and the products to be exhibited in the relevant media before the show begins, so that international buyers and local buyers interested in the exhibition will have a clear understanding , Which China's export enterprises, what products they want to exhibit. The release of such information can be organized by the organizers of the press conference, you can also choose professional publications.
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